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Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts Occupations I
Grade Level: 11, 12 seating priority is given to Graphic Arts II students
Credits: 3
Credit Type: Practical Art
Recommended Prerequisite: English with C or higher, strong basic math skills

Graphic Arts Occupations I students learn the design process, elements and principles of design and printing applications as well as the fundamentals of Adobe Creative Cloud design applications. The class is focused on visual communication using digital photography, typography, color theory, composition for print media and marketing solutions using AdobeCC applications, specifically Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Students will be provided an Adobe Creative Cloud account and can access all Creative Cloud apps while participating in the program. This added benefit allows students to access AdobeCC remotely.

Students will learn design skills through hands-on projects and community client work. Projects may include digital photography, print design, branding, including brochures, vinyl cutting, screen printing, sublimation, banner production and other types of design and production. Students enrolling in this course should have a strong interest in subjects such as visual and commercial art, advertising, multimedia design, printing and press operations. Graphic Arts Occupations will follow modified Missouri Department of Education competencies as well as the PrintED/SkillsUSA Graphic Communications competencies and the Adobe Certified Professional - Visual Design certification standards.

Students who take this course will also benefit from the experience that will prepare them for the workforce while building a strong portfolio, resume and workplace skills. Students taking Graphic Arts I should plan on attending Graphic Arts II to complete the program.

Graphic Arts Occupations II
Grade Level: 12
Credits: 3
Credit Type: Practical Art
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Graphic Arts Occupations I

Graphic Arts Occupations II students will refine their design and printing skills learned in Graphic Arts Occupations I. Continued use of AdobeCC applications will enhance skills from the previous year. A broad project base will expose the student to many areas of the print industry. Students will continue to work with clients, create logos, brochures, advertisements, vinyl banners and stickers as well as printing processes like screen-printing, sublimation and large format printing. This class will focus on real-world, team based projects throughout the year allowing students to work with clients while building valuable employability skills while building their portfolio.

Each student will complete the class with a digital portfolio suitable for use when applying for employment and college design programs. Graphic Arts Occupations will follow modified Missouri Department of Education Competencies as well as industry recognized credentials including PrintED/SkillsUSA Graphic Communications competencies and Adobe Certified Professional - Visual Design certification standards.

On the Job Training is an option for successful fourth semester students in the Graphic Arts program. OJT allows the student to obtain employment within the industry and would allow the student to work during classroom hours. The OJT program is an excellent opportunity for students to gain and be paid in an entry level position, while completing the program. This class is focused on the student that plans to further their knowledge and experience in the industry through a 2 or 4 year college, or any entry-level positions in the Graphic Arts industry.

Certifications: PrintED/SkillsUSA GAERF® Certification in Advertising Design. Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design using Adobe Photoshop and Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator or Print & Digital Media Publication using InDesign.
Student Organization
Students are encouraged to join and participate in SkillsUSA. For more information visit https://www.skillsusa.org/ and https://www.skillsusamo.org

Carley Ezell joined the HCC faculty in 2014.