Hart Career Center
Computer Science

Students pursuing a career in computer science can work in virtually any industry in the world! Courses are offered as one-hour classes, allowing students to mix and match based on their interests and availability.

Exploring Computer Science
Prerequisite: None
This entry-level course will introduce students to beginning computer science concepts through the units on problem solving, web design, introductory game programming, data analysis, cybersecurity, and robotics. Students completing this class will not only have a head start on Computer Programming I, but will be better prepared for college and career in the 21st century.
AP Computer Science Principles
Prerequisite: C or better in Exploring Computer Science OR Programming I
Create your own Android apps! CS Principles engages students in socially-relevant, project-based learning activities designed to foster computational thinking within the Big Ideas of creativity, abstraction, data, algorithms, programming, internet, and impact. Students will put the principles of computer science into action by creating interdisciplinary computational artifacts that combine computer science with music, art, and science.
DC Programming I
DC Programming II
Prerequisite: C or better in Algebra I
Learn the fundamentals of programming with C#, including input/output, repetition, decisions, arrays, files, object-oriented programming, HTML/CSS, SQL databases and more. The two-year cycle is concluded with an exam to be certified as a Microsoft Technology Associate in Software Development. Please note, students must earn a C or better in Programming I to advance to Programming II.
Optional dual credit is available through State Technical College of Missouri.
AP Computer Science A
Prerequisite: B or better in Algebra I AND Programming I/II
Computer programming jobs are growing at two times the national average! Continue developing your skills through Java development. The AP Computer Science A course is intended to serve both as an introductory course for computer science majors and as a course -for people who will major in other disciplines and want to be informed citizens in today’s technological society.
Applied Programming: Video Game Design I
Recommended: C or better in Algebra I and Programming I
Start yourself on a path to professional video game development in this class! You will be introduced to beginning game design concepts and dive into C# programming with Unity game engine development and 3D modeling.
Esports: Beyond the Game I/II
Prerequisite: None
While the public face of esports is the players and the teams, there are myriad careers "beyond the game." This course will cover a wide range of topics including (but not limited to) organizing teams and events, streaming and shoutcasting, analysis, health and wellness, marketing, and equity. Students will finish the course with a better understanding of the overall industry and an idea of what field of study they will need to enter to further their career goals. PLEASE NOTE: This course will NOT include gameplay.

Program completers may earn a C++ Certified Associate Programmer certificate.

Computer Science students participate in SkillsUSA.

Faculty Amy Harris holds a BS in Computer Science from Columbia College, and worked in web design and development for over a decade before joining the HCC faculty in 2012. Prior to teaching, she was most recently employed as a web developer at William Woods University, and has also worked in IT in the Mexico area.