Hart Career Center
Marketing Education

The Marketing Education program at Hart Career Center includes:

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Sports Marketing
  • Cooperative Occupational Education (COE)
  • Marketing Internship

Marketing Education students participate in DECA.

According to the Missouri Career Guide, ten of Missouri’s top 50 jobs are marketing-related. Possible careers include marketing, management, entrepreneurship, sales, advertising, merchandising, and retailing.


David Okenfuss has been teaching Marketing in Mexico since 1994, and personal finance since 2009. Mr. Okenfuss earned his bachelor of education degree from the University of Missouri in 1992 and his Master of Education degree also from University of Missouri in 1993. In addition to teaching, he has coached football for thirteen years and has also been a tutor in The Next Step program for five years. He was awarded the local Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year honor in 2008 and the Cooperative Occupational Education Teacher of the Year award in 2010.